The Garden Haven Garden Lounger

Designed by the Victorians, “The Garden Haven” Garden Lounger is the quintessential piece of luxury furniture created exclusively for relaxing out in the garden. All Garden Loungers are built to order, so our customers can create a bespoke lounger reflecting their own style.

Mygind Design Scandinavia has redefined the comfort level, quality and practicality of this historic furniture, thus creating the bespoke “Garden Haven Lounger” collection.

Bespoke Craftmanship

Quality built - Attention to details - Luxury feel - Pure comfort. This is just some of the comments we get. We call it ”The Garden Haven Garden Lounger”. 

Available in sustainable sourced Mahogany, Teak or Brushed Teak.

Garden Lounger Commodore Deluxe with portholes. Fabric Sunbrella Maxim Beige / Heather Beige. Click here to order as shown.
Stainless steel brackets and details
Garden Lounger footrest with adjustable height
Accessory Champagne cooler and holder for Garden Lounger. Click to order now.

Designed to be left outside year round

With the added protection of our G-tex cover a Garden Lounger outdoors all year long! Guaranteed to stay fresh, clean and dry…always ready for that welcomed break out in the garden.

5 position stainless steel handle and rail to adjustable the Garden Lounger canopy

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Garden Lounger side table with magnetic lock