Captain Seat


Our most popular 2 seat Lounger. Available in Mahogany or Teak

Size: 146 x 95 x 170 cm

Weight: 120 - 140 kg

The Beach Lounger


The classic Beach Lounger.

Available in Mahogany

Size: 120 x 95 x 170 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Wood finishes

Varnished Mahogany


Commodore Deluxe


The most spacious 2 seat Lounger

Available in Mahogany or Teak

Size: 160 x 95 x 170 cm

Weight: 130 - 165 kg

The Lieutenant


A single seat Garden Lounger.

Available in Mahogany or Teak

Size: 85 x 80 x 170 cm

Weight: 85 - 95 kg

Lightly Oiled Teak


Commodore Family


The flagship Lounger 2 & 3 seat

Available in Mahogany or Teak

Size: 160 x 95 x 170 cm

Weight: 135 - 170 kg

G-TEX Covers


The all important Year round breathable protection cover for your Lounger

Available for all Loungers

Brushed Aged Teak

Buying a Garden Lounger

Wood Source

All Loungers from Mygind Design Scandinavia AB are fully FSC and SVLK certified.

It is our policy to only sell sustainable sourced mahogany and Teak.

Bespoke Quality

All our loungers are built to order, using only the finest materials.

Each lounger is hand woven in UV frost proof PE wicker, using colours that resemble the nuances of natural wicker.

Seat cushions are crafted from high density foam, and head and back cushions combine individual adapted paddings to maximize comfort.  All of our loungers are upholstered in marine grade outdoor fabric, manufactured in France, Germany and Spain. Our fabrics are easy to clean hard wearing outdoor marine fabrics; UV protected and highly resistant to dirt and stains. Finishing off the loungers in hard wearing fittings and accents crafted in stainless steel. The optional portholes are crafted in aluminium. 

Ordering a Lounger

To order a bespoke lounger, one needs to decide on the size of the Lounger, the wood choice, the fabric combinations, and possible accessories such as lifter kit, portholes, extra cushions etc.

This is easily achieved by visiting us at one of the many exhibitions we attend each year across UK and Scandinavia. Ordering online or by phone is possible, however it’s important that you know what fabrics you want or trust our recommendations, since selecting fabrics online is never easy.

Limited access for placement

All Loungers are hand crafted and delivered fully assembled.  (NO flat pack construction). However it is possible to detach the canopy, and thereby clearing most narrow entrances and doorways.  With an opening of 96 cm or more, a 2 or 3 Seat Lounger can go straight through.  With the canopy uninstalled openings of 75 cm or more is often enough; to “L-shape” angle the bottom of the Lounger getting it through a tight entrance, or simply passing over fencing or hedge ways.     

Owning and storing a Garden Lounger

Although the Loungers look very delicate, they are actually very hardwearing due to the carefully selected materials. EVERYTHING IS STORED OUTSIDE – YEAR ROUND. The breathable G-Tex cover will provide ventilation, control the moisture level, and act as a UV shield. The seat, cushions and marine fabrics are water resistant, and the wood is hardwearing solid Mahogany or Teak.


Everything is easy care. The Mahogany Loungers are partly varnished for visual appearance not for protection. (Varnished only on visible surfaces, this to allow the wood to breath.)   

The Teak Lounger has been given a light teak oil treatment at production.  And only minimal amount of oil should be reapplied to refresh the look of the wood, or simply let it age with time. The brushed Teak needs no maintenance.

Spare parts

Our Garden Loungers are built to be used, and can handle a lot. Spills are often just brushed or vacuumed off, without any remaining stains. Sticky or greasy stains like chocolate, food or ice cream, requires no more than a little liquid dishwashing soap and lukewarm water or a fabric cleaning wipe.

But when real damages occur, we are here to help. Most parts on the Lounger can be replaced or repaired. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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