Frequently asked questions


When a new garden lounger is delivered, it will be fully assembled.

See all packing options here. (PDF)

When shipped to US, Canada, Middle East or on request, it will be fully crated.

A display lounger or a direct delivery will often come just on its installed wheels.

Leg rests, tables, GTEX cover and accessories are packed under the seat.


Attach the tables and leave them on.!

Unpack the lounger, unlock wheels and move into location.  Often it’s possible to roll it directly on its wheels.

Loungers ordered with large wheels are easy to move on hard surfaces, but if the surface is gravel, soft grass, or very uneven, it’s recommended to make a small track with some boards or planks. If it’s needed to lift the lounger up, then unpack, remove the seat, tables, legs and other loose parts to lower the weight.  Canopy can be dismantled to lower the weight even further. See description on this page.

Lift the lounger from the bottom, not via the side handles. They CAN handle a lot but are made mainly for décor.


When in position; open canopy to third stop on the rail. Remove the seat forward. Take out, tables, leg rests, GTEX cover, and other accessories ordered with the lounger.  Attached the 2 side tables and leave them on even when closing the lounger.    


Feel free to e-mail us a few pictures – We love to see where our loungers end up.


How to store your lounger

The breathable weather resistant GTEX cover gives a Lounger the best protection against the weather and wind when not in use.

With the GTEX cover you can safely store the lounger with all upholstery and pillows outdoors all year round. 


How to close the lounger

- Leave the tables on

- Store leg rests on seat. (if teak lounger

then wood to wood and fabric to fabric)

- Pull canopy down to closed position

- Cover lounger with the GTEX cover

- Use provided rope to secure the cover

Never store anything in a closed lounger, that didn’t come with the lounger.

How to dismantle the canopy

In case of restricted access

less than 96 cm, but more than ~ 76 cm

Tools needed:

Size 17 spanner

Flat head screwdriver (medium size)


It’s a 2 Person job.

Time: ~30 - 45 minutes.


Take your time, it’s not a race, also be very careful not to scratch the inner sides of the lounger, when lifting off or on the canopy.

Download PDF instructions (Print friendly)