The Lounger History

Outdoor Loungers and beach chairs, are rich in history. Designed over 150 years ago these, Victorian seats were created to provide an outdoor shelter from the wind and sun, while enjoying sitting outdoors.

It worked then, and it has continued ever since. 

Mygind Design Scandinavia has redefined the comfort level, quality and practicality of this historic furniture, thus creating the bespoke “Garden Haven Lounger” collection.

Captain Seat - Gothenburg Archipelago

Mygind Design Garden Lounger Captain Seat at Le Mont du Quaisne - Jersey

Captain Seat at Le Mont du Quaisne - Jersey

Mygind Design Scandiavia AB - Victorian beach chair Denmark

Lounger on a beach in Denmark - 1895

Mygind Design Garden Seat in Teak or Mahogany with Rattan wicker and marine grade Sunbrella fabric. Garden Lounger Scandinavia Sweden Gothenburg

Even further back in history……

As early as the 15th and 16th-century, an indoor hooded wicker chair was used to keep off drafts.

On the picture we see featured in a painting by Jacob Jordaens in 1638 “As the Old Sang the Young Play Pipes.”  A wicker hooded chair (far right) for comfort and protection from drafts indoors.

Porter's chairs originated in 16th-century France, where they were often made of cane or wicker, and were known as "guérites" (French for "sentry") with high backs and sides.

These chairs were commonly used as seating in hallways and entrances to keep one protected from cold drafts.

17th century French Porter's Chair

Jacob Jordaens “As the Old Sang the Young Play Pipes.” 1638

In the latter half of the 17th century these “Porter's Chairs” were moved outdoors into the garden, providing fine ladies and gentlemen a sheltered seat, for both protection from harsh sun and cooling winds.

Thereafter we find the movement of the “Wicker Porter's chair” out on to the beaches on the North Sea coastline of Denmark and Northern Germany. By 1864 they had grown in popularity and were found in great numbers in the popular “Beach Resorts” all over Europe.  No longer known as “The Porter's Chair”.....”The Beach Chair” had evolved.

In 1959 a Beach Lounger is featured in the Classic Romantic Comedy “Some Like it Hot.” Starring; Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon

Stockamöllan Herrgård Sweden Skåne mygind design. Garden Lounger Seat

The Lieutenant, the Captain Seat and the Commodore in Stockamöllan - Sweden

Frederiksberg Garden Copenhagen Denmark. Mygind Design Garden Seat Victorian Garden furniture in rattan wicker

Garden Lounger Commodore. Frederiksberg Gardens - Copenhagen